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The MDBWA is proud to spotlight our member, Sherry Moreau!

Sherry joined LeClair Cremation Centre in October 2019 after relocating back to her hometown of Tiny Township from Vancouver, British Columbia. Sherry spent 10 years living on Canada’s beautiful West Coast, enjoying the outdoors, cycling, shopping at local farmer’s markets, snowboarding and studying funeral services. Sherry became a licensed funeral director and embalmer, graduating from the Canadian College of Funeral Services in 2009.

Sherry has worked for some of the largest and smallest funeral providers in the greater Vancouver area, planning diverse and unique tributes. “Helping people through such a difficult time in their lives has been a meaningful experience.” Sherry is passionate about helping others. She has attended workshops and seminars focused on grief education. She has personal experiences with loss and grief. “Having been through “the process” personally, she is able to provide guidance from a place of understanding. Decision-making can be overwhelming and difficult when you have had a loss.” Sherry is patient, kind, and compassionate.

Take a look at what Sherry had to say:

What’s the business advice you would give today to your younger self? 
You can accomplish just about anything with hard work, patience and dedication.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
I performed in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat with Donny Osmond at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto

What’s your favourite part about what you do?
Providing support and guidance to people during a difficult and intimate time in their life is very rewarding.

What is your favourite part about being a member of MDBWA? If you are a new member, why did you join?
Connecting with women in our community who offer a variety of services. I joined because my employer has been a part of the MDBWA for years and recommended I become a member.

For more details about Sherry Moreau and Leclair Cremation Centre, head on over to their websiteFacebookInstagram, or Twitter!

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