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The MDBWA is proud to honour Melissa VanLeeuwen "This Witch" as our February Member Showcase Winner! 

Melissa is the proud owner and sole proprietor of Wand n Cauldron. Nestled into a 410 square foot unique sacred space. Wand n Cauldron magnifies the energy and personality of the 108 year old building it resides in. Fully renovated and designed to bring Majick to life.

Melissa, “This Witch” is passionate about and fascinated by the all the elements of nature, Majick and what lies beyond our human awareness. She is a certified master in traditional, Celtic and Crystal Reiki and for over 20 years has been healing, supporting, educating and enlightening fellow earth wanderers. 

She has studied “The Science of Majick”,  under Laurie Cabot of Salem Massachusetts that has earned her the title of Priestess. For those not familiar, the word "Witch" has a deep and rich history according to Laurie Cabot. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, "Witchcraft" is a Celtic word meaning the wise, good people. Those who study witchcraft under Laurie Cabot of Salem do not use the word magic, as it is the skill used for amusement, Magick  is the global term for the force at work behind The Craft and the traditions of many who are not Witches.The spelling of 'Majick' is used to differentiate the work done by Cabot Tradition trained Witches. 

Come on in and feel the Majick for yourself! Wand n Cauldron has many beautiful, unique and wonderful items for sale and most importantly for those that are looking…it’s about the experience. 

Located at 397 Manly Street in Midland, Wand n Cauldron offers many handcrafted pieces created by local artisans, herbs, crystals, tarot, and many other interesting items. Melissa has created a very quaint space that offers ample privacy for her guests and readers. Invited from the surrounding areas, and as

faraway as Salem Massachusetts, the readers at Wand n Cauldron offer a wide variety of divination styles to meet the needs of their customers.

Visit Wand N Cauldron 

Friday 12 pm- 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am- 5 pm.

Or by appointment: 705.627.5186


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